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Why is Protein Biologic Concentrate Better? (PBC)

At Hair Loss Heroes, our Naples hair restoration doctors started treating patients two decades ago with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Through the years they have found modifications in the protocol that produced better hair growth. We found that one 6x concentrated PRP treatment yielded much better results than 6 separate weaker treatments. A combination of experience and a highly concentrated PRP resulted in an enhanced product of growth factors, stem cells and proteins called Protein Biologic Concentrate (PBC).


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  • Free Hair Loss Evaluation

    Your hair restoration journey will start with an evaluation. We will evaluate your hair thinning and determine if you are a prime candidate for our treatment. Because we want the best outcome, we will determining whether this treatment is right for you. 90% of women will get positive results from PBC. We strive for results that outperform the national average.

  • Naples Hair Restoration Experts

    Platelet Rich Protein is very fragile and mistakes can be made easily in both the processing and the PBC injection process. There are literally hundreds of variable that can enhance or hinder the outcome in this revolutionary hair restoration procedure. Hair Loss Heroes are better than others because we are experts in PBC and have been mastering hair restoration since 2008. Our hair loss doctor is a pioneer in developing and improving this hair restoration treatment.

  • Pain Free Naples and Fort Myers Hair Restoration

    If you have had PRP in the past, chances are pretty good that there was pain involved. With advancement in technology, we have invested in the latest in pain free injections. The average pain level we are hearing from our patients is between 1 - 3 out of 10. (We also have N2O for patients with sensitive scalps).

  • Biologic Concentrate (A form of PRP for Hair Loss)

    The treatment is most effective by processing extra concentrated platelets and to administer healthy cells without damaging the cells in the treatment. The more growth hormones the better the results. The more active and healthy platelets in the plasma the better the outcome. The Protein Biologic Concentrate is different from others and we stand by that fact. There is a proprietary protocol in the processing, growth factors and administering the injections.