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What About After Your Hair Loss Treatment?

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We will keep up with your hair health after your hair restoration treatment. When it comes to your hair regrowth, we are on it!

Just like a lasik procedure to correct your eyesight, your eyesight restoration is not permanent. We are all aging and developing new underlying reasons for hair loss. Every patient is different and hair restoration will require ongoing treatments. Hair Loss Heroes can work with your hair stylist, we will ask for your stylist to send us photos every year or so. (It is important to note that we have build a special section into our website that allows a stylist to register and login. We provide registered stylists with hair health resources, including vitamin recommendations, Shampoos and scalp treatments. We also allow them to upload client photos).

Take your hair growth to the next level.

Some women might want their hair restoration treatment every two years regardless of our recommendations. PBC is a regenerative product of your own biology and is completely harmless to your body if you want early treatments. The average patient will require the next hair restoration treatment between 5 to 10 years. Once you are a treated patient, we will monitor your hair growth and determine when you need your next treatment. When it comes to your hair health, Hair Loss Heroes is on it.