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Non-Surgical Naples Hair Loss Treatment

Most hair restoration clinics in Southwest Florida target men as their primary patient. At Hair Loss Hero’s we only treat hair loss for women. Hair loss can be an emotional experience for most women. That is why our passion is to help women regain a thick and healthy head of hair, without surgery or downtime. We have treated hair loss in hundreds of patents since 2008 with amazing results. Click here to learn more about the PRP hair restoration process.

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Who better to watch our success than your Naples hair stylist. We have a special program set up that works with the help from your hair stylist. Your stylist can join our team of certified stylists in Southwest Florida. If you are a Stylist, ask how you can become certified.

Women’s Health

Women will come into Hair Loss Hero’s for hair restoration but learn so much more about their overall health.

Free Hair Loss Evaluation

We will review your hair thinning and determine if you are a prime candidate for hair restoration treatment.

top reasons for Hair Loss

The medical industry is clear on the leading causes for hair loss in women.

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Omni Balanced Life Center
720 Goodlette-Frank Rd Suite #205, Naples, FL 34102
Phone: 239-495-6300

Naples PRP for hair loss (Platelet rich plasma to restore hair growth)

Naples Hair Loss Restoration

Your hair restoration journey will start with an evaluation.  Our expert medical staff will determine whether this hair loss treatment is right for you. Hair Loss Hero’s strives for results that outperform the national average.

Free Evaluation – Speak to a specialist

Your hair restoration journey will start with an evaluation. We will review your hair loss and determine if you are a prime candidate for our treatment. We want amazing results. Our hair restoration specialist will determine whether this treatment is right for you. We strive for results that outperform the national average.

Hair Loss Study, Bloodwork/Lifestyle

Hair loss is typically a first indication of health, nutrition, stress, vitamin deficiencies or hormonal issues. Hair Loss Hero’s was created to focus on women’s health and then treat your hair loss.

PBC - Protien Biologic Concentrate

Our lab technicians and doctors will create a concentrated growth hormone from your blood that will be used to restore your hair growth. (This is PRP for Hair loss) The proteins are separated from the plasma and when we are done, we will have a highly concentrated protein biologic concentrate. National hair restoration clinics have changed the way they treat hair restoration because of the amazing results from regenerative hair restoration treatment.

Post -Procedure and Follow ups

After your hair restoration treatment you will be given instructions for post-op procedures. We will set up follow up appointments. And we will document your hair growth compared to your benchmark photos.

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Super Hero's in Hair Loss Treatment

It took Hair Loss Hero’s a complete year to fine tune a treatment protocol based on women’s health and our proven PBC hair restoration treatment. When our medical staff developed the treatment plan, we realized early on that we needed to be more than a women’s hair restoration practice.

When taking on test patients and talking to women about their hair loss, we realized how important it is to offer lifestyle and nutrition resources for our patients. More than 50% of our test patient had no real reason for their hair loss. We found that lifestyle played a big factor in hair loss while nutrition, stress, exercise and eating habits also were factors that are difficult to diagnose and easy to treat. As a result, we opened our first practice at the Omni Balanced Life Center in Naples, Florida.

This location was chosen for a very strategic reason, we can offer most any health, lifestyle or nutrition resource under one roof. Our treatment looks at basic bloodwork for the main markers that can cause hair loss in women, we then focus on women’s health and lifestyle. Our treatment plan is custom based on what we find in our testing. We then proceed to do what we set out to do, offer women the best medical grade hair restoration available.

Free Hair Loss Evaluation

We will review your hair shedding and determine if you are a prime candidate for our treatment.

Super Hero's in Hair Regrowth

Our doctors specialize hair restoration. We offer a no surgery approach to Naples hair restoration like no other.

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Light hair will grow at treated areas

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New Hair will be fine (Follow-Up appointment)

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The new Hair Growth Will Darken and Thicken

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Photo session to document hair growth